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The story will be developed using a series of letters between a "typical" wife and her soldier husband, based on letters, diaries and literature from that time. We'll make a quilt that helps tell the story using period appropriate patterns and reproduction fabrics. We'll learn about the fabrics and the quilt patterns in use at that time, the receipts and literature, and the resourcefulness of the women as they strove to keep their families intact. Cost is $20 per month for the class, pattern & fabric kits. We meet the 4th Saturday of each month at 10 AM, pattern and fabric kit. For additional information please

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My grandma use to sew quilts, she was very talented, now is too old to do that, but I always remember her doing that, and how I stay watching and admire her artistry and how dedicated she was.

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Isn't it wonderful to have this beautiful weather? We've loved welcoming so many "winter visitors" in the past few months to enjoy it with us! And our loyal "locals" understand how fabulous it is to be able to have the door sit wide open in the middle of winter. We were especially grateful for the Valley climate last week when the new shipment of Best Press Starch Alternative arrived from Minnesota - FROZEN - that's right each and every bottle had at least a small iceberg in it, some almost solid. It had been on the truck for 3 or 4 days, but was still THAT cold!!

Clint Rowley

There's nothing like an Arizona winter, that's for sure. I'll take hot summers over freezing cold winters anyday.

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some almost solid. It had been on the truck for 3 or 4 days,

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I've heard of knitting sweaters and jumpers but knitting quilts? Now that's what I call recreation.

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